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The top fruits from Spain


Ever wondered what are the top fruit exports from Spain? Fresh fruits are a significant business in Spain, and the country’s increasing trade professionalism allows it to play a more significant role as a trading center. A few of the top fruits from Spain are imports from non-European nations, which a matter of fact is on the rise, providing new possibilities for goods. Over generations of producers have cultivated and gathered the most refined local products.

Foreign fruits, resulting in unique flavors that evoke memories and discussion at worldwide customers’ tables and an essential element, health. Spain has the potential to become a trading center for non-European fresh products. The majority of present exports are locally grown fruits and vegetables.

As imports rise, Spain will expand its commercial operations in high prevalence and re-export. Here are some most famous fruits that Spain exports worldwide. Spain is known to export oranges and mandarins on a large scale, but what are the other top exports from Spain? let us find out…

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Spain has become the largest exporter of some of the best-selling fruits & Vegetables in Europe!

Here a are the top fruit exports from Spain:


Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost area, should be proud of its status as a worldwide avocado superpower. This area, particularly the regions of Málaga and Granada, offers the ideal soil, enough space, and temperature for growing this famous fruit. Spain is now Europe’s top avocado exporter, accounting for almost a third of total exports to other nations in the area. As a consequence, there’s a high likelihood that when Europeans sit down to eat an avocado.

Avocados have seen a growth in sales, particularly during the Pandemic, as people strive to eat healthier and try new dishes. Overcoming challenges like rising costs and the challenges posed by Covid-19 throughout this time, Andalusian farmers have worked hard to satisfy consumer needs in Spain and across Europe.

The worth of avocado imports from avocado-producing nations rose by 152 million euros in five years in Spain. According to trade data, these imported avocados are consumed in Spain and neighboring countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Germany. This implies you may utilize Spain to access other European avocado marketplaces.

Avocados have seen a growth in sales, particularly during the pandemic, as people strive to eat healthier and try new dishes

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Berry eating is fashionable, and it is also a very healthy trend! Consumers, who are increasingly conscious about the significance of eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet, are aware of the advantages of eating fresh or treated berries daily. Spain is the biggest exporter of fresh strawberries in Europe, sending about 285 thousand tonnes to countries across Europe and beyond each year. Furthermore, it is the world’s second-biggest producer of this fruit, mainly due to the creativity and devotion of strawberry growers in Andalusia, which produces 90% of all Spanish strawberries.

Spanish strawberries have an unrivaled commercial success. Spain is not only the world’s second-biggest strawberry grower, but it had also dominated foreign markets as the world’s top strawberry exporter for the last few decades till 2019. According to research, strawberries account for about 95% of total strawberry output in Spain, but they have also been on the rise in recent years, with an average yearly growth of nearly 18%.

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Strawberry Export Has Seen An Average Yearly Growth Of Nearly 18%.


When it comes to top fruit exports from Spain, Valencia oranges and mandarin dominate the market, The Spanish mango is enjoying a lovely time, as output has topped 30,000 tonnes for the season. Malaga and Granada produce nearly all of Spain’s mangos, and the exceptional quality of the current crop may be attributed to several reasons. First, favorable meteorological conditions during blooming and pollination, with enough rain and moderate temperatures, and second, a more significant number of farms produce mangoes quicker. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Spanish mangoes are virtually organic due to the minimal pesticides used. Mangoes are now a popular culinary commodity among Spanish consumers due to their appearance on famous cooking shows. As a consequence, demand is increasing, and this tendency is inclined to maintain.

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Mangos Are Now A Popular Culinary Commodity Among European Consumers.

4.Citrus Fruits

The market for organic lemons is rigid, but rising consumption and frequent shortages may provide possibilities. Imported lemons are in high demand in Northern Europe, but Spain is frequently their primary source. Spain seems to be the most crucial provider, although there are only three other significant suppliers throughout the summer: Argentina, South Africa, and Turkey.

The lemon trade is vulnerable to significant swings due to the small number of supplier nations. You may anticipate costs to rise if one of these nations is hit by bad weather or fruit illnesses. However, it is difficult for exporters to anticipate non-European consumption, and you must be prepared to cope with intense rivalry almost all of the time.

Imported Lemos are in high demand in northern europe and Spain is frequently their primary source.

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