High-quality Spanish food at wholesale price

Spanish food is considered one of the most popular and healthy cuisines in the world.
Mediterranean Diet has been awarded the best overall diet for healthy living. This is why we offer you, selected high-quality products from the top producers of Spain at wholesale rates.

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Spanish Olive oil

Extra Virgin

The backbone of Spanish food, Extra Virgin olive Oil is the highest category of olive oil from Spain extracted from the most popular olive variety.

Organic Olive Oil

Several countries are opting for the organic lifestyle. For them we offer superior quality Organic Extra Virgin olive oil

Virgin Olive Oil

With acidity less than 2 degrees, our Virgin olive oil is mainly used in the hospitality industry due to its quality and pricing.

Spanish olive oil in bulk

Apart from small packaging, we offer bulk options, ranging from 200kg drums, 1000kg IBCs to 25,000kg Flexitanks. 

Pomace Olive Oil

Extremely popular in many countries mainly due to its low price, Pomace olive oil is used for daily frying and bulk usage.

Home Brand

Explore Sana Oliva, our home brand of high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil made of highly popular Picual olives.

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Spanish Wines

Red Wine

Spanish food without wine is incomplete! From entry-level to premium Spanish red wines, we offer them at extremely economical rates in several popular varities.

Non-Alcoholic Wine

For our wine aficionados who prefer ZERO % alcohol in their wines, we proudly offer non-alcoholic Red, White, Sparkling, Rosé, Sparkling Rosé in several other varieties.

White Wine

In conventional white wine varieties, we have Airén, Verdejo, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Moscatel.

Organic Wines

Excluding the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, we offer all sorts of Organic Red and White wines, Cava, and Sangria.

Cava, Sangria, etc.

Dominating 60% of the sales in the export sector of Spanish wines, Cava are the most popular sparking wines from Spain. We also offer, Red and White Sangria. All at bulk price.

Spanish Wine in bulk

Are you interested in bulk packaging? Well, just like Olive Oil, we have our bulk options open for you. 

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Spanish Table Olives

Manzanilla Olives

The most widely known variety of Olives due to their fruit quality and productivity. 
Its soft and delicate flavour is appreciated by many customers.

Black Olives

Several consumers prefer Black olives since they have lost bitterness by treatment with alkaline. They are darkened by oxidation and packaged in brine. 

Gordal Olives

Also known as the ‘Fat One‘, with a refreshing flavour, these juicy olives are by far the largest and most difficult to grow olive variety.

Packaging options

With innovative packaging options, we serve all sorts of retail and hostelry needs. Tin cans, Flat bags, Doy packs, and special formats. 

Verdial Olives

Olive variety with high-degree of fat favors its use in the dressing. These olives are characterized by crispness and a slightly bitter taste.

Producer's Guarantee

Our producers guarantee strict quality policy from field to packaging, traceability of the product, and ISO 9001 and IFS certificates.

Grocery shopping

Fast moving consumer goods

Pasta and Sauces

International sauces, Salad dressings, Ethnic sauces such as Bolognese Sauce, Napolitano Sauce, Thousand Island dressing, Carbonara Sauce, Barbeque Sauce, Pomarola Pasta Sauce, Pizza Sauce and pasta.

Preserved Foods​

Canned Spanish tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, corns, peppers, asparagus, and several other popular vegetables for retail and hostelry needs.

Instant Mix

We offer laqtia’s 100% natural dairy products, instant coffee, cafe latte, instant chocolate, Milkshakes, and other complements!


From energy drinks to special healthy beverages and 100% natural juice, we offer the best options in our drinks category.

Fruits, Banana, vegetables

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Spanish Fruits

Apart from the popular Valencia Oranges, we offer Berries, Haas Avocado, Melon, Plum, and other mouth-watering delicacies delivered at your doorstep.

Imported Fruits

We’ve recently partnered with farmers sourcing high-quality fruits such as Mangos & Haas & Fuerte Avocado from West and Central Africa, Papaya, Pomegranate, Grapes from India apart from other fruits.

Spanish Vegetables

Spanish Artichokes, Col, Fresh Lettuce, Ball pepper, Leek, Celery, Fennel, and Cauliflower are some of our top exports from Spain. 

Imported Vegetables

We also offer a range of fresh vegetables imported from various trusted sources.
All our products are offered with Global GAP certificate and a quality guarantee

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Sourced directly from Asia, we offer top-quality Basmati, IR-64 parboiled, 100%, and 5 % broken white rice at a highly competitive price.


Our portfolio of legumes includes various varieties of lentils, beanschickpeas, and other legumes produced in Spain and Canada.

Crude Oil

Palm oil, sunflower oil, and various other crude oils for our clients all around the world.


We offer Used Cooking Oil, Palm Acid Oil, POME, SBEO, and Animal Fat categories 1 & 3 as feedstock from ISCC certified suppliers for biodiesel production.

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Spanish food at wholesale price.

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